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Prevent Street Cats From Entering Your Yard


How to Prevent Street Cats From Entering Your Yard

Few months ago, street cats around my housing area always like to climb over my fence, and come into my yard, worse, it defecate in my yard!

I get really annoyed when it happens. However, I solve my problems just using cheap and easy way.


Things you'll need:

1) Any kinds of plastic mineral bottles.

2) Tap water.


Just follow these steps:

1) Tear off the plastic cover of the mineral bottles.

2) Fill up each bottles with tap water.

3) Arrange them in your yard, at the path where the street cats usually use to come into your house.

4) That's all!


Basically, these bottles filled with water is used as a reflector.

When the street cats see their own reflection in the bottles, it will think it is other animals, thus it won't be brave enough to enter that area.

This method worked really well for me, hope it can work for you too! :)

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