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Jokes (8)


A Fart

I love to spend my Friday night at the bar after work, some drinks with my frieds would be jsut nice for me.

Last Friday, I wasn't feeling so well but I still made my way to the bar. My stomach was growling, my face was pale.

In the bar, I ordered a cocktail, but I didn't even take a sip of it. I arms was around my stomach to make me feel better.

Suddenly, I feel like letting out some gas. I was nervous, thinking that it will be a total disgrace if people hear it.

However, some strucked my mind that gave me the courage to fart right in front of everyone, (I know it was disgusting my stomach really hurts) which is the music was super duper loud! It will be impossible for them to hear me.


........(I did what I wanted to do).........


"Oh gosh, what a relief!", I said.

Everyone started to laugh, but why?

Wait, was I wearing headphones? Noooo!