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Jokes (4)


Thief or Victim?

Last Sunday, a tycoon was driving his luxury car at the outskirt of town.

The road was narrow, the car was going slow.

Suddenly, he pulled over when a shabbily dressed man stopped his car by blocking his road.

He came down, the man pointed a pistol at his forehead, asking for money.

The tycoon looked at his gun, and praised:"Nice gun you got there!"

"Just give me your money or I'll shoot!"

The tycoon stayed calm and took out a brief case.

"There is a million dollars inside it, I trade it for your beautiful gun"

Without thinking, the man nodds his head and accepted the deal.

Before he runs off with the money, he was robbed by the tycoon using his gun.

The brilliant tycoon used his gun and pointed at him, asking for his money back.