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Form 3 essays ( 9 )


How to Find True Love?

In life, it is inevitable wanting to have a feeling of expressing one’s desire of intimacy, relationships, touch, love and to be loved. This special feeling itches in one’s heart that one could not even scratch. Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, we are most of time fail to make a right judgement because of discretion overwhelming by the beautiful sight before us. Spontaneously, our vision blurs, the tongue hangs out, the eyes go groggy and the mind goes dizzy. Then, starting to see bulls, but not for too long because it is the bull-shit of infatuation. Such feeling will lead one to cloud nine, where one could see the cow s jumping over the moon with calf-love.

       Whatever it is called, no one should refutes oneself to such a feeling is beyond words to describe. No one is too childish, not until one is spared from the beauty of puppy love. No voice is sweeter than the voice one hopes to hear even once for a day, the voice of one’s angel. It might sounds ridiculous to normal people, but not to those whose eyes are glowing with love.

       It is not really easy to fall in love, the true love. What is seen through the eyes can be deceiving, and the calculated risk is taken much to the disappointment later with compatibility has taken for granted. Then, what is the criterion to follow when one wants to be in a true love? The answer is simple, there is none. It is imperative to be trustworthy with the other party, but on ourselves. If one can trust oneself, then one’s heart can open up to the naked truth, beauty and sharing.

       However, it is a cinch to be said but to do. Those were the days where friendship could slowly turn into love with the help of time and tides. Unfortunately, in this day and age, one can hope for friendship to turn into love is reflected on what one has, and how much in materials. It is a crying shame, to allow the beauty of love to be dictated by materials.

       When people are in the romantic mood, the long distance walk is yet too short for them. The thrills and spills of holding hands and walking under the moonlight will lead the couples into the world of their own. The journey of romance could never end, until the time to tie the knots. Where are the candle light dinner and the sweet melody of romance? The beautiful sparkles of romance is slowly faded and replaced by the hectic preparation of home dinner and baby crying. All is left in the retrospect is the sweet memories of beautiful nostalgia to linger in the hazy corner of the mind, waiting with hope for the ember of romance to turn into flame, to be gusted by the breeze of love and turn with passion and desire forevermore.


        The beauty of romance is what we engender it to be. It is not a crime to be in love, but to know who one is in love with and when. It is neither now nor then, but the right time when one has grown out of immaturity to learn what true love all about, but not puppy love! To be able to love someone is much more than finding the right person, it is a matter of being the right person.

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