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Form 3 essays ( 8 )


Nightmares On The Road

        Malaysia has a make-up of various races, and when it comes to their respective festival to celebrate, they will revel in the binge. But the journey back to hometown is a nightmare. The city of Kuala Lumpur for once is spared with the crawling traffics, and the din of the hubbub. The population of cars will finds its way to the highways and express ways as the exodus begins.

        The particular enthic group does not celebrate among themselves, but with others through the ''open house'' concpet is truly a unique Malaysia culture. Even schools are closed for additionals days for children to to have sufficient time celebrating, and to be replaced on other days. It is that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Foreigners and tourist are astounded by such warm welcome to see and feel for themselves how we celebrate. Truly, it is a Malysian experince for them, that we recieve their compliments and praises.

        The ugly side of Malaysians is their devil-may-cry attitude once they are on the wheels. The headache for the traffic police nation wide is to crack down on errant drivers. The nerves-wrecking figures on accidents are driving the authority up the wall with a staggering number of deaths recorded.

        It is sad that during which symbolize joy, some families have to suffer grief for their lost of loved ones. Malaysians by nature are helpful and compassionate, but this phenomenon during festive seasons seem to become a way of life. it is beyond comprehension even to the sane mind.

        The government has from time to time reminding the people to reach their destination later is better than not to reach at all. However, such call falls on deaf ears. Are Malaysians too blind that they could not see the danger, or too deaf that they could not heed advice? No, none of these, except their mindset of safe driving must change, and their callous attitude on the road as well. Time will tell if this can turn to reality with sheer will and determination, because Malaysian drivers do not lack the strength, the lack will to change.

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