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Form 3 essays ( 5 )



        It is a credence to that death is inevitable in our life as everything has to come to an end in this learning world. Thus, it is our onus to learn not have any thanatophobia too.

        However, the majority of people still fear death and it is attributed by their fear of not knowing what would happen after they have died. Actually, we should not fear death if we have not done anything that is despicable in our daily life.

        It is also imperative for us to recognize that we do not have to feel sad over a person's death because it only indicates that the person has gone through the learning process in this learning world. Therefore, we should be glad for him instead of crying unremittingly.

        Death also acts as an avenue for maintaining the population in our world in order to avoid too much augmentation in the population of people.

        Hence, we should try to accept the truth of death and not to miscontrue its meanin . The fear of death should not exist in us too if we disallow is.


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