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Form 3 essays ( 4 )


The Way of Life

        It is a bona fide to say that the majority of people fear death. Actually, we should recognize the fact that death is inevitbale as it is a part of nature, thus we must not have the problem of having thanatophobia.

        As we are living in a learning world, it is our onus to put in concerted effort to imbibe as much knowledge as we can. It is also imperative for ur to plan our schedule wisely in order to have a more effective way of learning.

       However, at times we might face problems or even failure but we must still show the fortitude and look for a panacea with aggression. Problems and failure are actually augmenting our exposure which can be used as a spring board for us to achieve success.

        Death is unpredictable as it can come to us every now and then. Thus, we must learn to treasure every seconds in our life time. In the other way, facing death can be a positive thing or even a negative one. It only depends on how we spend our time in this world.

         As we all know that time and tide waits for no man, hence we must shoulder the responsibility to ,aster as much things as we can in order to prevent us from regretting before we are chosen to carry on to another realm of life.

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