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Form 3 essays ( 13 )


  Student's Role In Education Transformation Programme

It is a bona fide that we are living in a learning world which gaining new exposure every now and then is inevitable. In our country, every students are going through a standardized education system which will lead them to their desired future, but it still have quite a numbers of shortcomings that will not engender any enhancement on their abilities but deteriorate it.

However, our Malaysia education system it is compulsory for students to take examinations. Thus, the system only focuses on educating students to score with flying colours by memorizing textbooks. Actually, students should have education will amend their analysing ability so that they are susceptible to have the same standard of ability with other students from other countries when stepping into the society.

Comparing to retrospect, the part and parcel of a student’s daily life is all about books and examinations. Students are likely to become robotic-minded due to examination-oriented system that will weaken their thinking and analysing ability.

Homework and tuitions have become the obstacles for students to attend co-curriculum activities. Thus, our respective education system should pay more attention to co-curriculum activities as it is the avenue to augment their analysing ability, sociability, and the utmost important is it can open up their mindset. In order for the students to have enough time to enjoy the best of the both worlds, they can be imbibing knowledge through textbooks in the morning, but in the afternoon, they must be given the prerogative to choose their own favourite activity from the suggested bountiful activities from the school that can bring them out from the school compound. This is so because, they will be able to take a look at the society before they are stepping into the society of reality which no one deserves a second chance.

With the objectives examination system, it is also credence to say that students are feasible to score well in their examinations with a cinch because the magnificent results have high possibility to be attributed by the Lady Luck instead of being the pay off for one’s effort.

However, our education system should also divide students in to classes basing on their abilities in order to keep everyone to be academically inclined. It is imperative to keep people with the same standard to study together so that it will be easier for the teachers to educate them and to shape up their imperfections.

As the saying goes, no one is too old to learn until he is in his grave, hence us, as students,  should always refute ourselves to a lackadaisical attitude when it comes to imbibing knowledge, but to put in concerted effort and try to reach for the stars wholeheartedly.

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