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Form 3 essays ( 12 )


Newfound Love

        My grandfather used to advise me to spend my leisure time wisely because to him, each second we had should be fully utilized. I could not really understand what he tried to emphasize but I am sure he is trying to tell me something else than the proverb,  time and tide waits for no man, thus I tried hard not to delay what could be done today to tomorrow, because procrastination is the thief if time.

        As I was lying on my bed trying to work out a schedule of how to fill the gap of my free time, my grandfather walked to me. He handed me a brochure smiling, and he walked to his garden. I started to read the brochure and it contained the detailed activities of an orphanage. The adminstrator was looking for volunteers to help the orphans, since compassion was my second nature, I got overwhemled naturally.

        I telephoned the admistrator and worked out my plan with him. I wished to teach Mathematics to the orphans ranging from the ages of eight to ten. I was on top of the world because that was a golden opportunity to cast my bread upon the water. I started to revise some of my Mathematics questions and set some exercise all ready for the big day.

        The day finally carm and I put on my best bib and tucker, and posted in front of the mirror to judge myself how this "teacher" would look like. Satisfies, I bid my grandfather goodbye and went to the bus stop. I knew my grandfather was smiling at my over-zealous behaviour, because this task was unprecedented to me.

        I was assigned to a group of well-behaved orphans and I was lost in words. I had butterfly in my stomach and I kept swallowing my saliva. With Hobson's choice, I had to call a spade by telling them the naked truth about myself. They started at me blankly when I told them about my life full with amzing things.

        I sat down and shared with them about the facts of life and love. I told them stories about a great man, my grandfather.

        "How about your parents? Why are you not talking about them?", one of the children asked me spontaneously after listening to all the stories about my grandfather.

         "I.......I......I don't know......", my body was jerked, I do not how to answer them, my mind turn blank and tears was dropping inside my heart.

        I got closer to them all that told me the truth, and the truth and nothing but the truth that I am actaully one of them too, an orphan. It is a blessing that I got all the encouragement from my grandfather for all these years when I lost my parents at a young age.

        I told them that my grandfather was a strong man emotionally who had lost his wife to cancer and his son, my father to an accident. I knew he cried inside, but he did not show his feelings. I cried when I lost my parents until my eyes turned red and puffy. But, what changed in me is I became stronger learning how to stand on my own two feet to face the reality of this world. Sometimes, I could still cry when the love of my parents flashed in my mind, but I had learnt to accept my inevitable fate! My love for stray kittens and puppies grew and they had become my best of friends because they were just like me, an orphan. I told them placidly that I came to be with them in the orphanage was because I was just like them, in the same boat and sharing the same predicament.

        They had tears in their eyes, but their countenance bore the strength like an army general. I knew they had shed the tears of joy to know that they were not alone. Before I left, I hugged each one of them with brotherly love, and promised to return the following week. They followed me like a sheep to a shepherd until the gate and waved to me. I was choked with emotion since I had a "newfound love" from them to carry on with my life.

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