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Form 3 essays ( 11 )



        In this rat-race society, everyone desire to be the creme de la creme, thus working round the clock with blood, sweat and tears to achieve thier goals in life. We are inevitable to learn new things and acquire more knowledge in our daily-life to enhance ourselves. It is a credence to say that knowledge acts as a springboard for us to achieve the sanguine of success of success and it is always inadequate to be a self-sufficient because this is a learning world we are living in.

        In order to develop our learning skills, we must have the correct attitude. Failure is inevitable in our life and it must not be the hitch in our learning process. However, it could be the yardstick so that we would not repeat the same mistakes. When any obstacles occur, it is imperative for us to have the unremitting determination to overcome it with fortitude. Our half-hearted attitude must be eschered from our bad habit.

        We also can develop our learning skill by putting constant hardwork in what we are doing, hence surpassing our friends performance will not be a goal anymore, but the reality. Even if we are bored doing the same thing repeatly, students must understand that practise makes perfect.

         Learning in a group can also enhance our undersatnding and learning skills at the same time. During brainstorming, various questions will be asked and this is when we could learn quickly by finding the panacea of the problem.

        It is a blessing that we are able aid us during our learning process with a cinch the the help of internet nowadays. Internet is a tool that universally that provides any information and allows people to communicate. Learning will be more effective when we are susceptible to gather more relavant details on what we want to know. Hence, we are able to associate with people to help them in their studies.

        The liason among people is also an aveue to learn new things. This is so because we can learn the skills from those who have more exposure in life. They could alleviate our problems when we need help.

        Knowledge is important in our daily lives so we must not give up on learning.

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