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Form 3 essays ( 10 )


School Trip

        In this contemporary, our education system has deteriorated and students are becoming robotic-minded due to examination-oriented system that will weaken their thinking and analysing ability.

        However, a trip organised by any school's societies as a co-curiculum activity will be an effective way to enhance a student's thinking and analysing ability. Furthermore, most students will have interest to join the trip as it will be a wonderful moment with friends.

        Even a one day trip will engender useful exposure for the students. This is so because students a re susceptible to leave the school compound and take a look at our society. This is indeed a better way to educate students because they will have even more thinking space than reading the given infomations on textbook which has limited thinking avenues.

        Examinations based on textbooks are inevitable but yet it will only educate the students to memorise things without using their thinking and analysing ability. If there is an examination based on their own opinions from the exposure they gained during the school trip, it will surely engender students to have better thinking and analysing ability.

         With a strong thinking and analysing ability will be the best threshold for the students before they assimilate into this rat-race society.

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