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Form 3 essay ( 7 )



        In life, the journey is not only a tough one, but also constantly ,meeting crossroad where one has to decide which direction to go. Some choose to go on blindly by taking chances, some take calculated risk, and some stand lost unable to decide.

        Everyone desire sucess, working round the clock; toil in blood, sweat and tears; put one's shoulder to the wheel; on one's fear for the whole day; and the expressions can go on and on. The trouble is, when one's journey comes to an abrupt halt, for whatever reason, failure sets in prominently and inevitably. Failure is generally recognized as a curse, but only a few people are able to realize that failure is a curse only when it is accpeted as such. The danger is not at the fall, but falling to rise again. Failure itself is only a temporary defeat. So, we must pick ourselves up even covered with battle scars to face the truth of failure, because he, who fears being conquered, is sure of defeat.

        There is only one short cut to success, but it is sad to say that it is only real for people who build castle in the air. They are the people who sit on the cushion of advantage and go to sleep. This is a real world, and it needs a ''real'' you to feel the reality of what is the taste of failure before success. Any obstacle should be treated as a chance for us to quantum our exposure, and yet it can be too small that does not worth mentioning. We should stand tall and look ahead to search even for the faintest light at the end of the tunnel. This will work to those who are tough on themselves because they are the special breeds who are going to be their own fortune-teller. They are the ones who will survive because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

        A person who desire success should learn to face the pain of failure with fortitude. We should not pretend to be successful, or even to borrow success. No bird can soar that high, if it soars with its own wings. We have the seeds of greatness in us that needs constant nurturing, and this seed of greatness is the "sleeping giant" in us that is waiting to be awakened.

        Once the fear of failure is under our control, that special ''you'' can create wonders even beyond the frontier of human minds. Your success, is thus like the creation of a thousand forests from one acorn grow, and that is only from you, the only you.

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