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Form 3 essay ( 6 )



        Learning is an extremely important quitessence that cannot be neglegted in our daily life. It is inevitable for a person to have the feeling of satisfaction and happiness as their minds are filled with knowledge. It is also the panacea for us to achieve the pursuit of happiness.

        In this rat-race society, education is important to everyone irrespective of age, gender and race. It is inevitable in order to produce a pool of highly educated professionals from the younger generation.

        As we all know, it is a rough road to reality and without education, life is nothing but crumpling pages of indequate words. Therefore, we should go through the primary, secondary and tertiary level of education as it will certainly go in handy when we a re applying for a job.

        Futhermore, we should also cultivate the correct attitude and aptitude as our priority because we are often judged by that. Besides food, shelter and clothing, education is also considered as one of the oasis of life. A person who is educated will definitely feel more confident when walking out the streets compared to those who are not.

        In a nutshell, everyone has the prerogative to be educated. Although it is not always a blessing, yet if we use our knowledge intelligentily, a promsing future will awaiting for us.

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