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Form 3 essay ( 2 )



        Vandalism is perennial and it happens inevitably in the society due to the deterioration of civic conciousness of the people.

        The less living space we have in this rat-race society that engenders the peoples to have the propensity to damage anything wantonly is the attributting factor. The commonly seen vandalism are littering, defacing walls and vandalising of public property which done by people who has a callous attitude.

        The act of vandalism is greatly denouced because a large amount of money has to be spent by the goverment due to their frivilous behavior. In order to alleviate these problems, the enforcement of law would be an avenue for the recalcitrant vandals.

        Thus, it is our onus to practise civic responsibility and avoid form those despicable act to enable us to live in a desirable place.

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