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Form 2 essays ( 8 )


National Service Training Programme

        Malaysia is one of the few nations in the world where different races could live together in harmony. Hence, in order to maintain this harmonious enviroment, we should spark thaw among youngsters since they are in primary schools. It is the naked truth to say that youngsters nowadays are having lackadaisical attitude to obtain knowledge. Even worst, some of them even play traunt rather to spend time on unuseful stuffs.

        Therefore, Malaysian youths should go for the national service as it can help them to enhance racial integration. By living together, youngsters are able to understand one another. This would also benefit youngsters as they are able to widen their social circle of friends with people from other races. This would also attribute to the 1 Malaysia slogan that was introduced by our prime minister.

        Futhermore, by participating in this training, it helps youngsters to co-exist with different races. As they learn how to tolerate one another and lend a helping hand without taking sides. This would enhance the moral values in youngsters as they learn tolerance, understanding and rational. On the other hand, they wil also learn to respect each other, be it culture or behaviour. Since we are living in a plural society, we ought to have respect for each other races in order to avoid pendemonium of race-hate syndrome.

        As the saying goes, where there is a wall, there is a way. Thus, we should put our heads together and do anything we can to sustain harmony in this society so our desirable harmony multi-racial society can become the reality.

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