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Form 2 essays ( 7 )


The Rights for Teenagers to Make Their Own Decision

        A quandary of decison prevails invevitably in our daily life for us to decide. Wes hould also recognize that it is the perogative to make decision for their own undertakings.

        However, it is also a teenager's onus to decipher matters throughly instead of deciding blindly.

        Teenagers should be given the latitude to decide personal and trivial matters but major matters should be decided with parent's authorization. This is because our opinion is not strong enough but our parents have more exposure by knowing what will happen after the decision made.

        It is bona fide that parents are fearful when teenagers are making their own decision as it might lead us to fall through the cracks. Whenever they are in quandary, they must learn to hesitate and look for appropriate panacea by refering to their parents in order to solve the problem.

       Hence, articulation with parents is imperative for teenagers to avoid miscontruction in making any decision.

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