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Form 2 essay ( 4 )


Science and Technology

         Looking back at those days when telephones, computers and televisons were not in existence will leave us to chew on the question on how they could survive. It is a competitive world we are living in and to catch up with the modern life, we should put in unremitting efforts and reach up to touch the sky.

        In this contemporary society, science and technology is undeniably inevitable in the modern life. Years ago, the prime minister had set up a vision 2020, hopping that each and every one of us irrespective of age, gender and race will play our own roles and make the country to be fully-industried.

        The most important aspect to enhance science and technology is through education. As we all know it is a rough road to reality and without education vision 2020 is nothing but a worn out dream. Therefore, we should go through primary, secondary and tertiary education so that a pool of highly educated professionals will be produced.

        Science and technology benefit us in many ways. It provides us the chance to experince many things which are unprecedented to us. As our country is catastrophe free, it attracts many foreign investors to invest in our country.

        Life is nothing but chumpling pages of inadequate words without science and technology. Although it is not always a blessing and might be a curse, yet it has certainly made our country a better place to live in.

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