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Form 1 essays ( 6 )


There is No Venom Like Venom of the Tongue

         In our daily life, we come across callous people who like to say anything they want without caring about other people's feeling.

         Words that are hurtful are usually spoken by people who are over-zeaulous or imbibed in alcohol. Other than these people, there are also people who have the attitude of hurting other people's feeling, or even trying to belittle them with words.

        People with this negative attitude is here, there and everywhere in our society. It is also bona fide to say that these people were not born with this negative attitude, they were actually affected by people around them who has this selfish attitude.

        As the saying states, there is no venom like venom of the tongue, hence we should always be very careful to every single words that we say.

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