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Form 1 essays ( 5 )


The Hunchback Does Not See His Own Hump

        In this contemporary, many of us are having the attitude of conceit which makes these people to filled with pride.

        We must learn to be humble and accept things that we done wrong so that we are able to learn from our mistakes. Howver, conceited people will never accept their wrongdoings because the truth of telling them that they had made mistakes will hurt them hence, they will always blame other people for their own wrong.

        We should understand people correct our mistakes because they care for us and we should always accept their advice as a springboard to success. Moreover, we must never have ego and having the fallacy to think that we are the creme de la crem. Thus, blaming ither innocent perople for our wrongdoings will prevail.

        As the saying goes, the hunchback does not see his own hump, but that of his neighbour is true. We must learn to apologize when we have done somthing wrong and accpet people's advice as an enhancement for our personal development.

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