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Form 1 essay ( 1 )


The Communication between Parents and Their Children

In this contemporary, children are not appreciative to all the things their parents had done for them. Parents made sacrifice so that their children can grow up happily to become a better person.

         However, these children may not appreciate it because they have a fallacy to think that it is their parent’s onus to give them everything that they desired. Thus, making the children to be callous on anything that their parents provide for them, be it food, shelter and clothing.

Actually, parents should not pamper everything when their children face problems. Children should find an avenue to solve the problem their selves. Parents should only give them support but not to help them so that their children will feel that everything that their parents had done for is not a cinch and they should appreciate it.

As this is the training world, children should learn to be grateful and value every single thing that their parents had given them. The most important is children must learn to appreciate life because parents had brought us to this world and providing us to their best.

         We should learn to appreciate everything that our parents given us but not to cats pearls before swine.

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