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My Shortcut Is Not Working, What Should I Do?


My Shortcut Is Not Working, What Should I Do?

Do you use the shortcut function to type with your iPhone/iPod/iPad?


The shortcut function is really useful for extraordinary fast typing. However, it might not work at times, as if you never have any shortcut created when you type. How can you fix it?


We have a few different solution here, just each until one of them works!


What should you do:


- Turn off your device and turn it on again.


- If you are using applications such as, "Line", "Whatsapp", "Viber", you can try deleting your old conversation and start a new one again.


- Go to "Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts", try deleting some a shortcut you created and adding it back again.


- Go to "Settings > iCloud" and off "Documents & Data".


- Go to "Settings > Reset > Reset All Settings", select "Reset All Settings", doing this will not delete any of your data nor media.


- Try a hard reset by holding down your power button (sleep button), and your home button until it turns off automatically and turn on again.


Hope it helps :)


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