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Can iPod Touch Show The Battery Percentage?


Can iPod Touch Show The Battery Percentage?

Currently, there five generations of Apple's iPod Touch.


However, none of the five can show the battery percentage in the status bar as if iPhone or even iPad without jailbreaking it.


Some people choose not to jailbreak their iPod Touch but demanding to know about the battery percentage. There is a way to find out the battery percentage but it is not convinient as one must go through many steps in order to get it.


Things you should do to find out your iPod Touch's battery percentage without jailbreak:


1) Go to "Settings > General > Accessibility".


2) Under the category "vision", you will be able to find something named as "VoiceOver".


3) Turn on the "VoiceOver" function.


4) After you turned it on, touch the battery logo at the upper-right of the screen and you the VoiceOver will read out your battery percentage for you.


Hope you'll enjoy :)


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