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Download Any Apps FREE For Andriod Devices


Download Any Apps FREE For Andriod Devices

Ever wonder how can you download those apps that usually needs to be paid in the Andriod Market for free? There is actually a really easy method here, no application is needed, and it is not like iOS's jailbreak.


All you need to do is:


Choose the apps that you want to download.

1) Lauch your Andriod Market, look for desirable apps and remember its fullname. For examples, if you want to download apps like, "songsterr", "where's my water", "fruit ninja", (which are normally requires us to purchase), remember their FULL name because it will be needed shortly.


2) You can now off you Andriod Market.


3) Then, launch your browser as if you want to surf the internet.


4) Visit "www.google.com".


*Here comes the trick!


5) Type out the name of the apps that you want to download at the search bar, but remember to add in three letters at the back, which is "apk". For examples, "songsterr" will become "songsterr apk".


6) Click search!


7) The result that is out is normally link to download the cracked file, simply visit any website and download the free but fulll version there.


8) Hope you'll enjoy :)


9) If you're having a problem, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to "allreaderscomments@gmail.com". We'll respond in a swift.









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